Weekend Opinion: Best bargain-bin buy


Sometimes, when the dollars are low and the need for gaming overpowers me, I will inevitably sift through the bargain bins, desperately aiming for a game that will fuel me till next pay day. Most of the time, these games are terrible, however, now and then I find something that I’ll play right through and finish with complete satisfaction. So what is your best bargain-bin purchase?

Oh right, the track is over there!

For me, that game is Amped 2. I missed this game when it first came out mainly because I didn’t have the money to buy it. To my surprise, there it was sitting in a pre-owned bin surrounded by a hundred copies of Brute Force and Blood Wake. With a price of $20, it was finally within my price range, and what I got out of it added up to exceptional value. This game was thrashed to death and, by the time I sold my original Xbox, the disc only worked 1 out of 5 times and, between the four people that played it, we had racked up a grand total of 350 hours!

What’s the best value you’ve received out of a bargain-bin purchase?

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  • DoGM3At

    Condemned was another one. I got that for about $40 and I have never regretted it. 

    Sure, it hasn’t dated well but that game was one of my favourite Xbox 360 titles for the longest time.

  • kozeeii

    Picked up the original Crackdown for under 20 bucks and then I made sweet sweet love to it

  • Yopizza

    I rented Playboy the mansion for a dollar overnight once.

  • NachosJustice

    I can relate to that one. I’m struggling to think of another secondhand game that I’ve purchased, though.

  • Bagmup

    I got The Darkness and The Chronicles of Riddick for free when i traded MW2..