Review: SSX


There are probably three titles that I’ve been desperately waiting to get the HD/reboot treatment more than anything. Beyond Good and Evil was one, sorted. Jet Set Radio Future was another, incoming (god bless you SEGA), and last but certainly not least is the home of gravity-defying, awe-inspiring, bone-shattering stunts and breakneck, mountain-conquering speeds, SSX. 

Cute as a button Kaori shows off her mad skillz - slapping a "z" at the end adds massive street-cred, don'tchaknow?

Though I wasn’t entirely on “board” from the start (bazinga!) I’ve certainly come around to this slick reboot.

“Like a baby fawn approaching something foreign I sniffed at the preview code timidly, hesitantly wondering what could be contained within. I immediately dismissed it for abandoning the outrageous craziness of SSX Tricky for something more along the lines of SSX on Tour, my least favourite incarnation of the franchise. What I neglected to understand or acknowledge were the implications the new subtleties the control scheme brought and the overall refinement… Hey, I’ll admit it. I was a little too quick to judge. This is the SSX reboot fans have been waiting for and as an old school die-hard fanatic I’m pretty damned satisfied with the end product.”

Would you like to know more? Take a ski-lift over to my full review for GameArena here…

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