Review: Shoot Many Robots


I’m loving the recent trend of arcade titles. While they’re not all gold (cough I Am Alive cough cough) I’m really digging the direction developers are moving in and the resulting super fun gameplay. After recently raving about Shank 2’s survival modes (review here), Shoot Many Robots gives you similarly styled four-player co-op side-scrolling insanity with a hell of a lot of depth to the combat.

Screw Edward 40-hands. We're rocking Edward 40-hat!

I got tremendously addicted to this bad boy and hope it doesn’t disappear quietly into the night.

“It’s easy for many to dismiss Shoot Many Robots due to its repetitive nature, but seriously, what modern day shooter isn’t repetitive? Those that stick with it and delve a little deeper will find a diamond in the rough offering hours upon hours of shootery fun. With a couple of likeminded buddies you’ll be able to quell this robot revolution, save Sarah Connor from Skynet, have no fate but what you make and laugh your balls off while you’re doing it. Shoot Many Robots is big, loud, dumb fun and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s time to nut up or shut up.”

Would you like to know more? Then head on through to my review for AusGamers found here…

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