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I’ve never tried to hide my contempt for the elitist twaddle spewed by those championing games as an art form. Maybe it’s my distaste for Heavy Rain clouding my judgement making the argument easy to dismiss. Not as easily dismissed is Thatgamecompany producing outstanding content that pushes the boundaries and offers genuine emotionality to a gaming experience.

Born from an egg on...

With an impressive portfolio of Flow and Flower, two titles that I simply couldn’t put down, Thatgamecompany follows with Journey an exceptional, spiritual and decidedly different style of game quite unlike anything I’ve every played before and I doubt I’ll ever see anything like it again.

“It still astounds me that a couple of hours of gameplay left such a profound impact. I found myself unconsciously pondering the trek whilst daydreaming – musing even – over the spiritual implications and was eager to take it for another spin hoping to find another wanderer in the desert to share an unspoken pilgrimage with. Journey makes you feel like a leaf on the wind, helpless in the face of adversity – small in the grand scheme of things. Embrace the elements, give yourself over to it and soar to new heights. ”

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