Review: John Carter of Mars


Like many of you out there, I’d barely heard of John Carter other than a few fleeting trailer glances. It’s surprising that a title of this calibre and expense wasn’t plugged harder locally. Since its release, I’ve read that Disney is set to post huge losses due to bad marketing and mixed reviews. After watching it twice, I’m amazed that it hasn’t reaped Avatar-style ticket sales.

Get the point?

This film hit all the right notes with a great balance of jaw-dropping special effects, likeable characters, beautifully cast voice actors and strong performances all around. Do yourself a favour and check it out on the big screen before the season ends.

“Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) brings great pain and sensitivity to Carter and has the physicality to make the amazing feats of strength and agility his character performs seem almost nonchalant. Every inch a princess exuding charm and grace, Lynn Collins (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) provides the perfect counterpart to Carter, is drop dead gorgeous with a steely glint in her eyes and it is easy to see why he falls for her. Mark Strong and Dominic West revel in their villainous roles in a more restrained manner, leaving the ham at the door, with Mark Strong’s performance as the almost disinterested Matai Shang in particular all the more powerful for it”

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