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Reviewing I Am Alive made me feel like I was playing Heavy Rain all over again, and in no way is that a compliment. While most of the industry was singing its praises all I found was a game with a great premise, shitty graphics, cheating mechanics and frustrating gameplay. Sure, a solid idea is worthy of mention, but it doesn’t give you the right to discount its glaring flaws.

Orf wiv his head!

In case you hadn’t noticed I couldn’t stand this game and felt ripped off by the end product.

“I can’t even begin to describe how much I tried to like this game. Countless times I sat there and knew exactly what the developers were trying to achieve. Whether it was a faint cry for help leading me to frantically try to discover its source or those fleeting moments when I identified with a desperate man forced to take desperate measures to survive in a very different world, I could clearly see Ubisoft Shanghai’s intentions. Unfortunately the execution was so unresponsive and flawed it destroyed any immersion or emotion the experience could have potentially delivered and that is a crying shame.”

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Just to show we don’t always see eye to eye here on rawDLC, here’s an excerpt from Nachos’ review for AusGamers.

“When I Am Alive broke immersion with any number of the aforementioned flaws, which it did far too regularly, it was easy to chastise it. But when it was taking risks and throwing me into tense situations or decision moments, I couldn’t drag myself away. The somewhat ambiguous ending leaves it open for a sequel, and I hope Ubisoft Shanghai is given the opportunity to push their formula further, albeit with a whole lot more spit and polish.”

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