Fat2Phat: Kinect – Day 12


Can motion-controlled fitness games help a gamer lose weight? That’s the question at the core of the all-new Fat2Phat series. I suffer from what I’d describe as ‘gamer body’: a body that is a bit tubby around the edges. I don’t want to join a gym and I don’t want to become one of those super-active fitness freaks. Instead, I want to see if I can lose weight from the comfort of my living room.

Can Kinect help me look more like this thinner version of me (straightened hair optional)?

I actually seriously used to look like that image above. And while I’ve filled out since then (including my beard, yeah!), I see no reason why I can’t return to a thinner, healthier version of me. The goal is simple: to use Kinect fitness games to see how much of a difference they can make. This is bound to start off without much of a result, but the aim is to keep at it for as long as possible and let the project evolve. Now, I’m not going to do this every day. Instead, the numbers in the titles refer to days that I actually do some sort of Kinect workout. To make things more fun, I’ll be live streaming as many of these as possible for you to laugh at. For those that miss the live broadcast, I’ll embed the videos below.


So I had lovely technical problems with this video, which meant that it didn’t record to Ustream. The result? No video for you for this week! I probably did some skipping or whatever. The great thing is that I’d already lost a few kilograms thanks to the kito diet I’m currently on, which means that it looks like Fat2Phat will have to evolve to something beyond weight loss. Maybe I can aim for a six pack… maybe? There’s still something weird about the idea of a gamer with a six pack, though.

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