Weekend Opinion: Best Achievement/Trophy recieved


Ahh, Achievements, that little sound and pop-up window that fills many a gamer with a little sense of joy. For many gamers out there, the gamer score has become the ‘high score’ of our generation and, along the way, we have all gotten one or two that we are really proud of. From sports games to shooters, every game seems to have some sort of Achievement. What was the best you’ve scored?

Enjoyment unlocked!

Okay, so there I was playing Half-Life 2 for the first time on console and, naturally, I went for the most insane difficulty I could find. Of course, this meant ammo was a scarce commodity and, at one stage of the journey, I found myself alone with little to no health, a crowbar, two bullets in my pistol and my trusty Gravity Gun. I had wiped out almost all my enemies, but one combine soldier remained. I ducked out of gunfire into a nearby room and managed to find the key to my survival.

As my enemy entered the room to finish me off, I sprung into view and unleashed my victory blow, launching a toilet at his head which sent him flying into a wall with a satisfying crunch.

To my surprise, apart from my own sense of joy, the Xbox decided that this was worthy of some recognition, too. I received 5 Achievement points and, to this day, it is still the most satisfying achievement I have ever received.

Okay guys and girls, your turn. What is your favourite Achievement or Trophy?

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  • Snake

    I couldn’t decide on this one so I’ve broken my into 3 groups Co-op, Multi and single player.

    Co-op is easily the portal 2 trophy of Still Alive. It took Adin and myself a couple of tries and late nights before we finally got this one. Might have got it sooner if we were trying at midnight each night

    Single player is a toss up between Assassin’s Creed 2 Platinum which was a hard slog finally getting those combo trophies or the Batman Arkham Asylum biggest bang trophy for completing it on hard. The joker fight on that was rage inducing on that setting. It also holds a special place as it was the first time I’d had ever bet Adin in getting a Hard Difficultly trophy

    Multi would be Bad Company 2’s Et Tu, Brute? Knifing 5 friends especially Dave brought a great deal of satisfaction.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll get back to you once i’ve shot all those damn Kerotans in MGS3…

  • skaterguy845

    it would have to be the trophy that got me my 1st platinum, Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time.
    probably one of the most difficult trophies i have ever gotten, i had to get a score of over 10000 in an arcade game on the gladiator arena planet, which was based on Captain Qwark’s movie in the game. i spent a good few sessions trying to get that one trophy, that arcade game was quite difficult. but, after much persistence, i finally got there in the end; and when that game ended and the trophy pinged, and then the platinum trophy pinged, a wave of relief passed over me. i had finally done it.

  • Snake

    Finally got the MGS HD collection yesterday so yes it may be one for me too (if I get it)

  • Anonymous

    Confessions of a Trophy Whore.

    Hmm, where to start…….

    The Fallout 3 platinum was where I popped my cherry so I have a bit of a soft spot for it, but as for the more challenging trophies, they would be;

    Batman: AA – Freeflow Gold; nailing all 24 medals in the combat challenges was damn tough, but finally nailing it (and having the platinum ding soon after) was very satisfying. 1 more challenge and Campaign Gold for Arkham City can be added here :)

    Mass Effect 2 – Insanity; beating this game on the Insanity difficulty was much tougher than I first thought it would be, a good challenge, and very rewarding.

    COD W@W – For the Mother Land; I still have nightmares about this trophy, Heart of the Reich on Veteran was a nightmare, probably the trophy that took me the longest achieve.

    Dead Space – Don’t get cocky kid; Survive the ADS cannon with 50% shields strength remaining, sounds pretty simple right? This trophy had me raging on more than one occassion, was damn hard and I was very happy to get it done (and to never have to man the ADS cannon again).

    Dead Space – Epic Tier 3 Engineer; surviving this game on the hardest difficulty was a real challenge and kinda fun all at the same time, really added the ‘survival’ to it survival horror moniker.

    Dead Space 2 – Hard to the Core (yes another Dead Space trophy); of all of the trophies I have earned this was one of the most challenging. Playing through DS2 with only 3 saves allowed was one hell of a ride, and required a lot of forward thought on where you were going to make them. At one point I was probably 15 seconds from seeing the credits roll, hit some space junk and died and had to play from my last save all the way to the end again. It was heart breaking, I almost did cartwheels accross the lounge room when I finally got it though.

  • rattyinc

    Most satisfying would have to be from Dark souls, “The Dark Soul” trophy (platinum) and the least satisfying, well not LEAST but it just was a big eff you from dev team to me, that would be from Nier. The “Something Very Special” Trophy where it deletes all of your Nier save files … you know the ones you’ve played for 100+ hours