Video: Max Payne 3 – Max’s Brazilian vacation


I usually don’t ride the Rockstar hype train. I prefer to sit back and wait for its titles to come out before passing judgement, but Max Payne 3 is an exception. Every trailer, hands-off session I see or preview I read has me salivating like the dog I am waiting for the next juicy tidbit. This latest trailer takes a closer look at the most important element for Max fans (and Nachos) – the story.

Illustrating the hard (drinking) times Max has fallen upon, when his employer’s wife is kidnapped Max sets off on a tear against mobsters, favela gangs and ex-military mercenaries as he attempts to recover her from the perpetrators and perhaps even find a little redemption in the process. Get a gander at it below and make sure you have a mop and bucket at the ready to clean up the puddle of drool between your legs afterwards.

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Dave Kozicki

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  • Luizze Oliveira

    This Max Payne 3 seems quite interesting from its review and posters so hope it would be good to watch. I did not heard about it before but now very excited for it.