Video: Breaking Bad gets the 8-bit treatment


One of the joys of the internet is stumbling upon a little piece of pop culture gold every now and again. Little did I know that College Humor, a hub of all manner of original things that bring the funny, has been making 8-bit gaming video tributes to some of my favourite TV shows. After ripping The Jersey Shore and Game of Thrones it has fixed its gaze firmly on Breaking Bad.

It should go without saying that the video is rife with spoilers across all four seasons, so if you haven’t watched this compelling show as yet and discovered the lead you love to hate, Walter White, you only have yourself to blame if you click on the video…

If that wasn’t enough to tickle your funny bone here’s the Game of Thrones S1 recap in the same vein

Kudos: Kotaku (via College Humor)

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    Oh my, that is quality viewing right there.