Studio 33 Show: The importance of friendly A.I.


After a damned long, refreshing and necessary rejuvenating end of year break the lads from rawDLC are back and laying the smack down on the double-edged sword of friendly A.I. Running a boot camp from an undisclosed location in Studio 33 the guys break down the pros and cons of A.I. with some reaching far beyond their limitations and others that are dumb as shit.

Halo A.I. driving the Warthog? This will end badly

The guys reached a split decision with Nachos favouring useless A.I. to enhance his feeling of badassedness as a lone wolf, Josh wished they just get the hell out of his way and Dave, the consummate team player, was in favour of support that actually, you know, supported.

What do you guys think? Are you for tight friendly A.I., totally against it or hovering somewhere in the middle?

Feel free to chime in and leave your thoughts in the comments section below…

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  • Dj Pillar

    I love/hate in skyrim when your sneaking and your companion yells “ONWARD TO GLORY” then smashes into ten vases and alerts all the guards leaving you with several arrows in your FACE