Review: UFC Undisputed 3


There’s something strangely compelling about Mixed Martial Arts. Maybe it’s the gladiatorial feel bringing up latent manly impulses as two skilled warriors beat the crap out of each other. Perhaps its those bone-snapping Frank Mir submissions that make you wince and howl with delight. It could just be a desire to ogle them sexy ring girls shaking their booty as they parade around the ring.

You've got something in your eye, bra!

Regardless of the reason behind it it is addictive, entertaining and big business. Taking the crown off the less realistic WWE (thank the gods) the video game recreations of the UFC have been rock solid and long time developer Yuke’s is bringing the goods yet again with UFC Undisputed 3.

“By streamlining the career mode (which now offers UFC and created fighters) and offering two levels of transition control, Amateur and Pro, UFC Undisputed 3 has appeal to gamers of all proficiency levels. There are even mid-fight tutorials breaking down to newbies what they should be doing and bringing them quickly up to scratch. Besides all the stock punchy kicky things on the menu you can now body and leg TKO and any punch can produce a flash KO adding a whole new level of intensity to fights.”

Would you like to know more? The head on through to my AusGamers review by clicking here…

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