Review: SoulCalibur V


The SoulCalibur franchise has always cut its own path by being the only weapon based entity in the beat ’em up genre. This latest version sees the series on a downward spiral ignoring the awesomeness of the Force fueled SoulCalibur IV and opting for a sleep inducing story mode with the most dislikable lead in a video game for quite some time and lacks some of the smoothness of its competitors.

How dare you not die instantly random NPC! Don't you know I'm the entitled douchebag protagonist?

SoulCalibur V is two steps back for the franchise, with the execution of the story mode totally phoned in.

“The story plays out in bite-sized episodes that are confusing, make little sense and are portrayed in the most bland mundane format possible. Honestly, I had a deeper connection with the contents of my Kleenex that last time I blew my nose. Rather than highlight the game’s sexy graphics each revelation is introduced by a selection of hand drawn sketches with voice-overs that are so instantly forgettable you’ll be mashing the skip option like there’s no tomorrow.”

Would you like to know more? Then click on through to my review for GameArena here…

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Dave Kozicki

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  • Anonymous

    Apparently some people play fighting games single player…

  • Blackwater

    I’m don’t doubt that you had a “deep connection with a sheet of kleenex, but I do doubt that it was when you were blowing your nose.


  • Anonymous

    Yes they do Millhouse

  • Anonymous

    Fighting games are supposed to be reviewed for their balance of characters at all skill levels, combat mechanics and learning curve. I usually consider the Soul Calibur series second only to Dead or Alive for 3D fighting games. I can’t say I like your review, it feels like you’ve missed the point of fighting games. :(

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your choice of titles at the top of the genre but completely disagree with your point Moops. You have to review the game as a whole. You can’t just pick and choose which parts you like or make disclaimers for specific genres. That’s like saying the single player component of titles like MW3 or BF3 should get a pass if they have a robust multi. The single player is almost offensive in SCV in delivery, balancing and clunky mechanics and as I wrote in the review, this translates over to the versus and multiplayer components. It was a huge disappointment from a usually rock solid developer.