Review: Shank 2


Being a massive fan of the original arcade title, I was a tad excited about the sequel’s release. In many aspects Shank 2 exceeds its predecessor but it may be more of a case of two steps forward, one step back. Coming in at about 3 hours to knock out the single-player may seem light but the new inclusion of the devastatingly addictive survival mode almost makes up for it. Almost.

You should use nothing else...

The plot of Shank 2 is a hodge-podge mess of South American cliches.

“He squares off against an evil dictator, joins ze revolution (bueno!), delivers a smorgasbord of pain to a tribe of flesh crazy cannibals, busts out an (Az)Tek-9 in the face of a maniacal Mayan priestesses and launches a surgical strike on an enterprising organ-removing doctor on his road to rescuing the woman who raised him at the local orphanage. Que? I almost wish the developers took a bite of out Asura’s Wrath and just set each scenario up as a bite-sized self-contained episode with no ties to the formal or latter.”

Would you like to know more? Sure you would. Click on through to my review for GameArena here…

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