Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2


With the epic introduction of Final Fantasy XIII requiring 20-30 hours of gameplay  before hitting a full party paradigm and community outcries at its painfully linear progression developer Square Enix has listened to fans’ concerns and made a multitude of tweaks to its long standing franchise, but have they gone far enough? You’ll have to read on after the jump to find out.

I love goooold!

While there have been marked improvements to the combat system this direct sequel has played it relatively safe and still manages to over complicate the narrative focusing on time paradoxes, new characters and a protagonist shift from Lightning to her sister Serah.

“Landing at Serah’s seaside village Noel puts on his best hero pose, tosses Serah said crossbow of baddassedness, declares he’s from the future, insists she come with him and Doc Brown in their DeLorean to repair all the manifesting time paradoxes, restore the timeline, hit 88 mph, fire up the flux capacitor and make with the family reunion in Valhalla before Caius (the destroyer formally known as Prince) annihilates, like, the entire space-time continuum. Yep. That’s in simplest terms. I tried to warn you.”

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  • Bob Smith

    This game looks really awesome. It’s easy for me to want to play a game that’s so well done in terms of the mechanics. I really fell in love with in Final Fantasy XIII-2 because of how atmospheric the game is. For instance, I could make my way through a really dark mansion and be attacked by several Crimson Head zombies all at once, yet it was still light enough that I could pull out my magical flute and play a sweet, sweet tune that put them all to sleep. There is a ton of game play here, and it seems like it would be a whole lot of fun and worthwhile time spent playing it. After watching a co-worker of mine from DISH Network play and hearing all the rave reviews, I decided I couldn’t go wrong by giving it a try. I did have to add it to my Blockbuster Movie Pass queue. I don’t always have the option to buy all these great games due to lack of funds, so the most economical way for me to play games is by renting them.