Review: Catherine


Catherine is one batshit insane kind of game. Part puzzle platformer, part dating sim and part cautionary tale it’s so amazingly over-the-top and undeniably Japanese that ‘otaku’ doesn’t even begin to describe it. When a hard drinking dude named Vincent cheats on his girlfriend his angst manifests as a series of disturbing nightmares that he must survive like his very life is at stake, because it is.

Seems pretty straightforward, right?

What I found most intriguing was the mesh of styles that came together beautifully in the finished product.

“Catherine tackles some rather big issues head on, such as the nature of relationships, commitment and infidelity. It’s got a striking artistic style and brings a solid dose of horror to what is basically a puzzle platformer crossed with a light dating sim. Visually it brings the goods with a perfectly balanced mix of anime and CG cut scenes with some smooth as silk jazz backing tracks to help set the tone. It’s slick all day and more than a little hard to put down.”

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