Review: Asura’s Wrath


The best way to describe what the hell is going on in Asura’s Wrath is that it’s an interactive Anime series with you taking the reins at all the crucial moments. Is it fun? You betcha. Does it work? Surprisingly it does, for the most part. Is it beyond batshit insane? It sure as hell is. Asura is one pissed off, messed up dude who channels his rage by punchisizing the crap out of anything with a face.


These are my kind of crazy Japanese antics and I was more than along for the ride.

“What sets Asura’s Wrath apart is its amazingly unique artistic style and delivery. Garnering inspiration from classic shows such as Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, elements of Dragonball Z and character influences from Samurai Champloo each of the 18 episodes you play through completely resembles a continuing Anime series. From the bumpers splitting each episode with interchangeable Asura based artworks, to the credit sequences (particularly at the end of each part or ‘season’), to the sneak peek of the next episode it just oozes style and completely pulls off the illusion. There’s even added back story provided at the end of each segment set against a backdrop of gorgeously illustrated sketches by a multitude of different artists. ”

Angry you can’t read more? Get one of those six arms to click on through to my GameArena review here…

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