Preview: Mass Effect 3


As some of you may be aware, I take care of the Engine Room article for Atomic magazine on a monthly basis. It’s a great feature that lets me take a behind-the-scenes look at any given title (or gaming issue, for that matter), as seen through the eyes of a PC gamer. Late last year EA flew me to Edmonton to check out Mass Effect 3. You’ll find the results after the jump.

Yo, dude, I'm watching your back... LIT-ER-A-LLY!

The most exciting part of my trip to Edmonton was the studio tour and the candid way that the lead developers discussed Mass Effect 3 in terms of fan expectations, how far they’ve come and what they’re trying to deliver.

“There’s never really been a series like Mass Effect that links together different yet seemingly personalised narratives from game to game to game. A lot of big promises have been made about what to expect from Mass Effect 3, but most of what’s been divulged to date revolves around improved combat and the divisive decision to include multiplayer.  But that’s not what the core game is really about. At its core, Mass Effect is a sprawling sci- fi opera with heart, a compelling narrative, interconnected storyline and strong, believable characters. We cut open Mass Effect 3 and take a look at its heart to confirm that it still has the required strength and character of Phar Lap to get the Commander Shepard narrative across the line one more time.”

To read the rest of the lengthy article, you’ll have to make the hyperspeed jump to the Atomic universe. Here are your coordinates, Commander.

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