News: True Crime returns as Sleeping Dogs


I can’t even begin to describe the excitement I have over writing this post. A long time fan of the True Crime franchise, when I heard the setting for the next instalment was Hong Kong, it was like the video game gods had fulfilled my one wish as open-world sandboxes and Asian cinema kickarsery collided. Then ecstasy turned to agony as the title was taken off Activision’s roster.

We've been fucking cancelled?

Left in development limbo, I was only able to hazard a guess at what could have been in my epitaph dedication to the series (found here)… until now. In swoops Square Enix and it declares loudly True Crime is dead, but from the ashes will rise Sleeping Dogs. It has to be said – get ready for the puntasticness – it just couldn’t let Sleeping Dogs lie.

Yep, everything that True Crime HK edition promised is back with a new publisher and spiffy new title: Sleeping Dogs (in case you missed it). If that wasn’t enough, the return is heralded by a magnificent live-action trailer encompassing everything it has on the menu in true HK cinematic fashion. Take a moment to drink in the awesome and check it out below.

You psyched yet? Of course you are. And since we’re unashamedly Double Dutch Ruddering the crap out of Sleeping Dogs, here are another couple of screens that dropped alongside the trailer.

No time for introspective moments I wonder if there’s some guy I can punchisize in the face…

Sweet. Take that, bitch! What could possibly top that?
Hmmm. Maybe a wicked motorbike chase through the mean streets of HK?

Nice! I guess there’s nothing left to do but grab a human shield, pop off a few shots and head on home

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