Fat2Phat: Move – Day 1


Can motion-controlled fitness games help a gamer lose weight? That’s the question at the core of the all-new Fat2Phat series. While Nachos may have succumbed to ‘gamer body’, mine is a tribute to older age, a slower metabolism and over indulgence. As mid-life crisis threatens to hit later this year, I couldn’t think of a better way to lose weight and incorporate some gaming into the mix.

A mere ten years ago I was that dude on the left as opposed to the guy nomming on the right

Adjusting to a healthier diet and walking regularly has made a difference in the last few months and I’m dedicated to losing weight at a measured pace to make sure it stays off permanently; so a routine of regimented fitness is the key. Several months ago I reviewed Move Fitness and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of workouts and how much fun I had doing them. I’m not expecting to come out sculpted like Michelangelo’s David, but I feel confident that adding several Move Fitness sessions a week can only help the cause.

While my website partner in crime will be focusing on using Kinect and Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012, I will be taking PlayStation Move and Move Fitness through its paces and seeing what sort of an impact it can make on an older gamer’s life, body and spirit. While Nachos delivers his updates via video format, mine (at least for the time being) will be a glorious collaboration of words and pictures. This is not a race or a contest by any means, more of a social experiment between two good mates who want to see if a little hard work and perseverance can lead to a happier and healthier life.

Day 1 – It’s zero hour and I’m almost dead. I can’t believe how much it took out of me. That said, it was a surprising amount of fun. But don’t take my word for it, listen to the guy in the embedded video below break it down.

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