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Oxford Art Factory was the perfect choice for this event. The painted walls and arcade machines created a nice atmosphere for what was to come. Capcom had their developers out in force, waiting at the booths like merchants ready to sell their stock. rawDLC showed up fashionably late, we signed in, had a a beer and were ready to get down to some gaming goodness.

As you can imagine, Street Fighter X Tekken was popular

First on the menu was the hugely anticipated Street Fighter X Tekken, and Josh was ready to rep the crew with some serious button mashing. The game has the look and feel of the latest Streetfighter additions, with no love lost in polish or gameplay. The Tekken characters slide seamlessly into the roster with the Capcom art team perfectly cartooning up the fighters, meaning there’s no jarring ‘who the hell is that?’ moments at play. The combat is very Street Fighter: two fighters on screen, 2D playing field and super moves are all present. As far as the game goes, it played just like any other Street Fighter title. If you like Street Fighter, you will like this. If not, then there is nothing game breakingly new here.

POW! Right in the kisser!

Next was Asura’s Wrath, a hyper stylised beat-’em-up in the mind set of Bayonetta, Devil may cry, etc. The game features gods, creatures, violence and a cool story. Gameplay will feel natural to fans of fast-paced action titles, combat is based on combos and dodging, again not revolutionising the way we game, but is set to be a damn good ride.

Nachos, in gaming stance

Dragon’s Dogma was a bit of a non-event and, with no-one at the booth to explain what to do, the game felt a bit empty. Dragon’s Dogma (from what we could piece together)  is kind of like Lord of the Rings: War in the North, a group of fighters taking on waves of enemies, with an heavy action-RPG style. The game failed to grab me at all, the graphics are old, and the progression was lost due to us starting in the middle of an area. However, the game is several months off release, so I may have to revisit this one closer to the date.

Woah! Bad dog!

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City was a fresh take on the series. The devs were quick to address the issue of Resident Evil’s ancient control system, and the new third-person controls feel refreshingly updated. The game is much more like a shooter and the  co-op adds fun that overrides the very average computer AI. This was definitely the highlight of the showcase.

Texans know what game journos want: beer and games!

With the year only two months in, Capcom is showing some strong titles and, even if there is very little change in the kind of games we see from the mammoth company, what they are boasting will keep fans happy and entertain gamers as only Capcom can.

For more info on the showcase, check out the latest podcast here!

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