Weekend Opinion: Best game of 2002


Games have come a long way in 10 years. Back then, the industry didn’t have the power it does today, and if you look back it may make you smirk. In 2002, PC gaming was a big deal, consolers had the PS2, Xbox and GameCube to pick from, and the only good handheld was the Game Boy Advance. So now, 10 years on, it’s time to jump on Google and find what you loved playing in 2002.

This game had it all: action, stealth and, of course, monkeys...

For me 2002 was all about TimeSplitters 2. I played this game in a computer store in my New Zealand hometown. I played it for three hours before I was kicked out and it became clear to me that I needed a PS2. After what felt like an eternity, I finally got a console and began the ridiculous challenge of  finishing this game.

TimeSplitters 2  is an almost perfect game: it has a great story mode, excellent co-op and some of the most rewarding challenge modes I have ever played. It lifted its control system from GoldenEye, which meant it worked really well. Plus, the four-player multi-tap support made for some of the most memorable gaming nights in my life.

Alright gang, your turn. What was your favourite game of 2002?

PS:  Just a reminder to vote on your picks for 2011’s best games here. (Be sure to get your votes in before the 30th to get them included in the DLC community awards!)

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  • Anonymous

    Prick of a question! There were so many good games that year. Jedi Knight II, Mafia, Battlefield 1942, TimeSplitters 2 and Age of Mythology. Battlefield 1942 and Age of Mythology got the most time out of me, but Mafia was my favourite game that year, despite its flaws. The story still haunts me.

  • Anonymous

    While a lot of people will be jumping on to Nachos’ train of thought or throwing out blockbusters like The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Metroid Prime or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City my pick has to be the super-addictive, uber-stylised Jet Set Radio Future and I still hold out hope that it gets an HD remake. I simply could not stop playing it.

  • Anonymous

    I also loved time splitters 2, the only bad points about it was the very limited level designer (even though it was heaps of fun) and the shonky controls in comparison to games like halo which got it perfect.

    GTA: Vice City and UT2003 (yes it was released in 2002) were probably my most played games of that year. oh and way way too many hours lost on Rollercoaster Tycoon 2.

  • Worldtripperjp

    Dude, how did I forget Battlefield 1942? I totally smashed that game! I was at an internet cafe almost every day! Good times….

  • Aaron Hamilton

    can’t decide between GTA: Vice City and the 1st Ratchet & Clank. i lost so much time to the both of them…
    i’ll just give it to both of them, as they’re both incredible games. however, Vice City did have flying cars…

  • The Chad

    Warcraft 3, Age of Mythology, Vice City, Burnout 2, Hitman 2 and Mechwarrior 4. Those were easily my most memorable gaming experiences of 2002. I don’t know which I would say was the best one though.

  • bigpav53

    Vice City and Timesplitters 2 for me, wow that is a while ago! Vice City was GTA’s pinnacle imo!

  • Anonymous

    Lot of love for Timesplitters 2. Aww yeah! GTA Vice city is the tits too.

  • http://twitter.com/Kalisynth Tim

    toss up between BF1942 and Neverwinter nights

  • Anonymous

    Delta Force: Task Force Dagger & Delta Force: Urban Warfare which I still love playing, where the great ones for me, both in the series from the original delta force : black hawk down which is Fucking still great fun!!

    A few other ones that stand out for me where Batman: Dark Tomorrow which I still have..Sweeeet and of course the one and only BloodRayne, one word Fucking Awsome!!

  • Anonymous

    Splinter Cell