Screens: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is dino-mite!


The Transformers titles have always been a little hit and miss. After a mediocre start by High Moon Studios the developer is going back to the drawing board with a significantly darker tone in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, taking place near the end of the Cybertronian Civil War. Here’s a few tasty new screens featuring a host of characters as well as ornery “Don’t call me fossil fuel” Grimlock.

Shields up, Captain?

This another bug hunt, Optimus?

Autobots don’t look at explosions

They all scream for Starscream!

And the Decepticon is toast!

Jazz: Cybertron City

Man, those Autobots ain’t shit. I’ll kill all dem sons o’bitches. Oh…err… hey Optimus. I was just foolin’

Grimlock? Fuck Grimlock! I’m not scared of that Dinobot pantywaist… he’s right behind me now isn’t he?

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  • Jazz.

    How do you mean “after a mediocre start by HMS” ??? The fuck are you talkin about?? War For Cybertron was a very good game!