Screens: First look at South Park: The Game


When Trey Parker and Matt Stone announced their beloved little rascals were making the transition from TV show to RPG, a strange calm descended upon me for a number of reasons. Not only had this supremely talented pair made the jump to the big screen successfully and managed to stay fresh for over fifteen seasons *cough* The Simpsons *cough* Family Guy…

But the duo are contributing to the plot and leaving their baby in the hands of well established RPG veterans Obsidian Entertainment AND they have a specific character class named “Jew” which tickles my funny bone immensely as a Child of Zion.

Welcome to Hell

Butters… STOP! Hammer Time!

Beware the doppel-rangas

Cartman prepares to invoke the terrifying spirit of Polly Prissy Pants

We endorse a zero tolerance policy towards Hippies (and Hipsters)

No sparking in the sunshine here…

As you can see from the screens it’s almost impossible to distinguish between the weekly animated TV show and gameplay. This should definitely allay any fears that this is merely a cash-in and I’m looking extremely forward to seeing how it plays in the coming months.

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