Screens: First look at Modern Warfare 3’s map pack


It’s been tough deciding the online champ of the MW3 vs BF3 slugfest, with both parties making solid arguments. Battlefield 3 may be winning over the PC crowd but has constant VoIP issues on PS3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 hasn’t taken much of a risk, but offers a tried-and-proven formula and is shortly about to fire off the first Call of Duty Elite monthly content drop.

The map pack double-tap features Liberation, a militarised version of New York’s Central Park and a sniper’s delight; and Piazza, a seaside Italian village with blind corners perfect for those who prefer their combat up close and personal. These maps are available now for Elite subscribers with the rest of the community getting the purchase rights come March.

This the first real test of Elite and it will be interesting to see what the community has to say over the coming month. Get a gander at the sexified screens below.

We kick off with a clusterfuck in Liberation. Can you say FUBAR, Private?

Then it’s a flag bolt under fire also known as a “Dave Special”

As we take a last look at Liberation, you’ll note these guys really don’t like Fun Runs

Now it’s off to Piazza where parking infringements are taken VERY seriously

We leave this picturesque locale with improvements only an American military force can provide…

As a special treat, we’ve got ex-serviceman Rob Riggle of The Daily Show’s ringing endorsement and a compelling argument to join up to Call of Duty Elite. Take time out to see what’s on the table and grab a few laughs while you’re at it care of

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    The only way I would consider getting the map packs is via an elite sub.