Review: Resident Evil Revelations – 3DS


Nintendo hasn’t really been known for its adult oriented content with most of its consoles eking out their existence in the family friendly arena. With a pretty weak launch line up the 3DS has been starved for something to sate mature gamers, but now the wait is over. Not only is Resident Evil Revelations a blood soaked romp but it is quite possibly the best iteration of the franchise yet.

Who let the dogs out?

Check out this excerpt from my GameArena review.

“In the looks department RE Revelations has to be the damn near sexiest title I’ve seen on the 3DS with some brilliant lighting effects and superb looking cut scenes. The atmosphere is downright spooky with sound playing a major part in the experience as you frantically try to work out what direction that bump in the night came from before it tries to make you its bitch. For maximum terror whack on some headphones, turn the lights off and scare the bejesus out of yourself. ”

Would you like to know more? Then click on through to the full review here…

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