Opinion: RPGs shouldn’t have a manual-save option


Here at rawDLC, we’re no strangers to courting controversy. Hell, sometimes we like to incite a bit ourselves; not just for shits and giggles, but because we feel that an opinion–no matter how unpopular–needs to be heard. As a quick-save addict, this realisation was somewhat difficult for me to confess, but I believe that narrative-driven RPGs could be improved by removing the option to manually save.

Never ask Jensen for his thoughts on this issue...

Sure, gaming life might be a little bit harder, but think about the storytelling possibilities and the pressure it would create to make genuine decisions on the fly without the comforting knowledge that you have a manual save to fall back on should a decision not play out the way you wanted it to.

“To me, this highlights the idea in games such as Human Revolution and the Mass Effect series that there really would be no such thing as a right or wrong decision; even by individual player standards. Instead, there would simply be consequences–good or potentially bad–for any given decision, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time. In this respect, particularly in the instance of my running reference to RPGs, the player would be required to truly role play: that is to say, create a mental understanding of the type of character they wanted to play (even if it changed from decision to decision) and roll with it.”

To read the rest of my rant, head over to the Atomic website article here.

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