Live Show: rawDLC is back… soon


The year is young and yet we’ve still had a few questions as to when you’ll be able to see our glorious live faces again. As a man who believes in getting to the point, I’m not going to waste your time with mindless preamble that doesn’t get down to the nitty gritty of just giving you the damn date. Or will I? Uh oh, looks like you’ll have to make the jump to see the date.

Josh and Nachos are in there... somewhere

The date to mark in your calendar is… the 24th of January.  Wanna know why? On the 10th of January we decided to go on living our lives and because I (Nachos) will be overseas on the 17th of January, we thought it would be good to start 2012 with all three of us.

You’ll see us then and we look forward to seeing you in the chat room.

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  • Anonymous

    “Josh and Nachos are in there… somewhere”

    Obviously, thats why everyone is staring…Freaks have that effect.

  • Anonymous

    about effing time, been having to listen to episodes of platforms at work for nostalgia since there hasn’t been a new podcast. Feels like one of those bad TV shows that just put on repeats over christmas.

    jks, looking forward to a bright new year of raw dlc, one of my favourite shows and hoping to catch more live shows.