Film Review: War Horse


Every once in a while, the gods of the silver screen dictate that we’ll get two films a year from a talented director. This year, they dictated that we’ll not only get two films from Steven Spielberg in a single year, we’ll get two in a single day. Gasp! And while The Adventures of Tintin rocks the Casbah, War Horse is proving to be a divisive title that leaves a lot to be desired.

As outstanding as these gents are, their onscreen time is short-lived

To be fair, I had low expectations for this film when I saw the trailers–despite how much I respect Spielberg’s body of work–and, unfortunately, the final result was even more underwhelming than the cutesy trailers.

“But Joey should have never become the main character, for the simple reason that it’s difficult to get a horse to emote beyond happy tail flicking and stubborn snorts. Leaving Albert behind also means that the audience forgets about him and attempts to form connections with the range of new characters that start to grace the screen as faithful steed Joey carries the narrative torch forward.”

That’s a bit of why the film fell short for me. For the rest of my thoughts, head over to the NSFW Australian Penthouse website article here.


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