Film Review: Hugo


It’s only fair that I mention from the outset that I’ve never been a big fan of Martin Scorsese’s work. So my review should definitely be read in light of this fact. Outside of The Departed, Scorsese tends to be a wee bit too heavy-handed and long-winded for my taste. But I was interested to see the acclaimed director’s first foray into family-friendly cinema.

Does this crank cut 20 minutes off the film?

Yup, so as you may already be able to tell, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Hugo, despite what a lot of the rest of the world’s critics are saying about it.

“Before you know it, everyone seems to be regularly crying about some past hurt that they can’t shake, and the story about a boy looking for a message from his father turns into something completely different that feels more personal to Scorsese than accessible to a wide audience.”

To see how the rest of Hugo scored under my judgmental eye, head over to the NSFW Australian Penthouse website to read the article here.

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