Event: Insert Coin(s) presents: The Darkness II

Darkness - 5154

The boys at Insert Coin(s) know how to put on a party! This wasn’t just some new footage for The Darkness II; these guys throw arcade machines, a Milk bar, a DJ, heaps of booze and live art into the mix. The result? Utter chaos. Within 15 minutes you could barely move. After a few hours there wasn’t a spare spot to stand. rawDLC fought through the crowd to get a closer look.

Check out the line...



80s and 90s hip-hop... Aww yeah!

Fellow games peeps representing

Alcoholic Milk bar... Genius!

Darkness art was a nice touch

Arthur, the ladies man...

Oh, and there were games, too

Huge amount of praise to the boys behind Insert Coin(s) for a fantastic night, and also kudos to PR company Tsuki for The Darkness II preview and interviews (coming soon).

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