Awesome fan art puts the “ass” into Assassin’s Creed


Sometimes to re-establish or make a connection with a franchise you need to find the right angle. I’ve been less than wowed by the last few iterations of Assassin’s Creed (with Revelations the best of the bunch) but stumbled upon some brilliant fan art that helped me find the love again. The fact that these tributes happen to also celebrate the female form has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Yes I am a simple creature. Yes I am showing my inherit maleness, but when a secret society of death dealers looks this good who gives a crap? Full kudos and credit to these talented artists bringing a whole lot of sexiness to the fight against the Templars.

This first offering by ChangMing from CGHUB brings a little Michael Turner comic-styled flair

Will Murai’s version is a homage to Good girl art with a healthy dose of cheesecake

This last piece by Ruben Everts shows off a smoking hot silent type lurking in the shadows

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    Wallpapers look sweet as!! MMMmmmm sexy too…