Weekend Opinion: Favourite glitches in AAA games


Since man first came up with the idea of the computer game, things have gone wrong. Sometimes it’s as simple as textures not loading or an NPC inexplicably not having a quest. But sometimes glitches can be mind-blowing; even in AAA titles. If you’ve ever seen a body fly or someone without a face, you will know that these things can also be entertaining, despite their frustration.

What? Is there something on my face?

For me, the worst glitch I have seen in a long time was in Medal of Honor. Not the old PC/PS1 title, either; the 2010 game. With the Christmas release schedule in full swing at the time and titles piling up faster than rawDLC could review them, I had to play through Medal of Honor quickly, and I was hoping to fly through the game as fast as I could.

I jumped into the first level and fought my way up a hill to my objective: a well protected fortress-like building. I got to the gate and was ready to shoot my way through. But, much to my surprise, as it opened, there was no ground. That’s right, no ground. No grass or dirt, no paved stone, nothing. This made navigation difficult as I tried to jump from boxes and barrels to get through and, after a few wasted minutes, I felt totally defeated and reloaded the level. This time, however, when the game reloaded, it had no ground an-y-where, causing me to fall to my death from the start of the level. In the end, the only workaround was to delete the save game and restart the console.

Thankfully, the game didn’t glitch from here on. It is the first and last time I have even seen this happen in a console game. I often wonder if it has happened to other people as well.

Okay people, your turn. Tell us what you’ve seen in the way of glitches that seem to be rampant in almost every major title around.

What’s the best of the worst that you’ve seen?

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  • Anonymous

    Red Dead Redemption. Fail horses and whole sections of game not rendering.

  • Anonymous

    Also RDR, My horse galloping off a cliff while i was in a cutscene.

  • Sidawg2

    This one here 

  • Anonymous

    My favourite happened with horrible PS3 port of the super solid original F.E.A.R. Some sections I played were missing floors, others had a skeleton framework around objects and structures… hi-lar-i-ous!

  • DoGM3At

    Dude, thats Hilarious!

  • Wickedtwicks

    During Arma 2 a guy fell out of the sky and crashed into the ground during a cutscene.

  • DoGM3At

    Aqua horse!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah would have to be rdr, I had whole towns disappear. Oh and in assassins creed brotherhood the other day, my character was climbing a building when he suddenly shot up in the air and above the world. All I could see was the bottom of his feet as a dot from the ground.

  • Anonymous

    Probably in Bad Company 2 when Dave scored higher than me once. Crazy glitch!

  • Anonymous

    That’s one hell of a crazy glitch! Especially as it happened every time you jumped online