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When we think games, we often think graphics, story, music and gameplay; but how many times do we think about the tireless hours put into concept art? The answer is simple: not enough. Because it’s Friday, I thought I’d use the Weekend Opinion to nail down the best game concept art around. So jump on Google, find some art for your favourite games and post them with a comment below!

Awesome design!

My pick to start you all off is the PC RTS game, Rise of Legends.

Coming into this game, I knew nothing of what to expect. The series had always been very Age of Empires in its approach. However, when push came to gameplay, Rise of Legends had a very StarCraft feel.

 The game boasted three factions: one was a Da Vinci inspired human race, the second a magical sand people and the third an Incan energy-based tribe. Needless to say, the artwork is insane (as you can see) and there is a ridiculous amount of it floating around the net for those that are looking.

Here are a couple of galleries that I found:
Rise of Legends Heaven
Big Huge Games

Okay, now it’s your turn. Remember, post a link or attach some examples and tell us why the concept art is your favourite.

Comment away!

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  • Anonymous

    Oh, how original for me… it’s Half-Life 2.

    This is just one of the awesome concept art images.