Video: Spike 2011 VGA – The worst of the bunch


You may not be aware, but over the weekend we gamers had our equivalent of the Oscars. The Spike 2011 Video Game Awards (or Spike 2011 VGA for… short?) came and went, and while there were some interesting decisions made for the winners of certain categories, the main reason to get excited for the VGA every year is the trailers. I thought it’d be fun to rank the 14 trailers in terms of wow.

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Instead of just pasting embedded videos for all 14 trailers in one hit, I’m going to break it up over three days with my personal preference of videos from worst to best. Interestingly, some of the titles I was most excited about presented some rather meh videos, while other titles I wasn’t excited about validated my lack of expectations with average offerings. Here’s the five from the bottom of the list, starting with my least favourite and moving down into the best of the worst.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD

Back in the day, I actually used to get some kicks out of Tony Hawk. I wasn’t terribly good at it, but there was something immensely satisfying about making my skater face plant into the deck over and over and over again. This video takes the coveted ‘most meh’ award because it’s… well, just watch it.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Maybe Spider-Man fans got something out of this trailer, but it was a web full of lame, as far as I’m concerned. Considering how well Spider-Man games should work on paper and how well they rarely work in reality, this video did little to make me believe that this franchise would go the way of Batman’s Arkham adventures.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

It’s stylised, it’s trippy… it doesn’t really show much of anything for anyone who isn’t a fan of the series. In case you can’t tell, I am not, so this video didn’t resonate with me.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

I enjoy a good mashing up of words as much as the next edigamealist, but just like that word I just made up, ‘Revengeance’ isn’t a strong example of a word mash-up. Again, as with my gripes about the last two videos, this one seems squarely aimed at the fans and didn’t appeal to me much. The slicing and dicing was pretty cool, though.

Mass Effect 3

Oh, yay! Finally, a game with some decent action-based gameplay. But… wait a minute. Despite the epic scale of what’s going on, why does this trailer feel ultimately stale and, once again, doesn’t highlight the strongest points of the Mass Effect series (namely, player choice, narrative and characterisation)? It looks pretty, but Gears of War did it better. Next.

For those who’ve already seen all 14 trailers, feel free to take a guess as to which ones made the cut for my top four.

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  • Anonymous

    Hmm, I would say The Last Of Us, R6, Hitman and Bioshock.


  • Blackwater

    Alan Wake

  • Anonymous

    You have two right.

  • Anonymous

    Hitman and Bioshock were kind of a stab in the dark, considering I still haven’t watched them. Oh well, 2 out of 4, no cookie for me :P