Video: Spike 2011 VGA – The best of the bunch


You may not be aware, but not so long ago we gamers had our equivalent of the Oscars. The Spike 2011 Video Game Awards (or Spike 2011 VGA for… short?) came and went, and while there were some interesting decisions made for the winners of certain categories, the main reason to get excited for the VGA every year is the trailers. I thought it’d be fun to rank the 14 trailers in terms of wow.

This guy needs a breath mint... stat!

Instead of just pasting embedded videos for all 14 trailers in one hit, I’m going to break it up over three days with my personal preference of videos from worst to best. Interestingly, some of the titles I was most excited about presented some rather meh videos, while other titles I wasn’t excited about validated my lack of expectations with average offerings. Here’s the four top choices (and you can see the ‘worst of’ contenders here and the ‘mid-range’ videos here), once again, starting with my least favourite and moving down into the best of the best.

The Last of Us

We all know that Naughty Dog know how to tell a mean story thanks to the Uncharted series, so the prospect of a post-apocalyptic tale with survival, monsters and (hopefully) quite a lot of brutality has me excited. This video also does a solid job of selling the whole world to me.

Alan Wake: American Nightmare

It’s no big secret that I’m an Alan Wake fan, but this trailer does more than appeal to the writer in me. I was sold by the first line, but then the trailer continued to grab my interest with the promise of some interesting escalation and the establishment of Mr Scratch as the main antagonist. Basically, I loved the hell out of the trailer.

Command & Conquer: Generals 2

A teaser in every sense of the word, this particular trailer ranks highly mostly because of how freakin’ beautiful it is. Frostbite 2 in a sequel to my most favourite Command & Conquer game? Yes please! I’ve watched this trailer half a dozen times and notice something new each time I replay it.

Rainbow Six: Patriots

Ubisoft, please, please, please don’t change the harrowing darkness of the tone for Rainbow Six: Patriots. Every new screenshot, trailer and scrap of information I see for this game has me incredibly excited at how challenging a title this will be for gamers in 2013. Give us a game that makes us feel as morally torn as this trailer made me feel.

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