Video: Spike 2011 VGA – The middle of the bunch


You may not be aware, but over the weekend we gamers had our equivalent of the Oscars. The Spike 2011 Video Game Awards (or Spike 2011 VGA for… short?) came and went, and while there were some interesting decisions made for the winners of certain categories, the main reason to get excited for the VGA every year is the trailers. I thought it’d be fun to rank the 14 trailers in terms of wow.

This is what happens when you ask that guy for a lift...

Instead of just pasting embedded videos for all 14 trailers in one hit, I’m going to break it up over three days with my personal preference of videos from worst to best. Interestingly, some of the titles I was most excited about presented some rather meh videos, while other titles I wasn’t excited about validated my lack of expectations with average offerings. Here’s the five from the middle of the list (and you can see yesterday’s ‘worst of’ contenders here), once again, starting with my least favourite and moving down into the best of the okay.


It’s made by Epic, so the end result should be good, but this cutesy gameplay-less trailer didn’t do a whole lot for me. It also looks like another zombie game which, nowadays, should ship with at least one obvious point of difference (preferably in the gameplay department).

BioShock Infinite

Gasp. Shock. Horror! But everyone thought that I was looking forward to BioShock Infinite, right? Yup. And I still am. But this trailer is lazy, littered with a lot of recycled content and doesn’t continue the theme of epic awesomeness that was established in the other videos that have been showcased. I was hoping for a whole lot more.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

We’re passed the halfway point, so videos start to get better from here. I’ve yet to encounter a Transformers game that I really dug, and the sombre Gears of War-type tone of this video feels a bit off in the Transfrormers universe. But the prospect of taking part in the epic last battle of Cybertron and the appearance of Grimlock is badass… even if it is a bit odd as to where he got the inspiration for his transforming alter ego.

Diablo III

When it comes to cinematics, Blizzard are among the best of the world, and the opening video to Diablo III continues to prove this point. Although beautiful and visually clever, it didn’t grab me in the same way that some of their previous work has, such as the Warcraft III intro that still holds a special place in my heart.

Hitman: Absolution

It was difficult to bump Agent 47 out of the top four, especially given the strength of this video.  To make it even harder, there’s an awesome Assassin’s Creed dig at the end of the trailer that made me laugh. Make no mistake, this is still one badass trailer.

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