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Few titles have split the industry down the middle this year as much as id Software’s long awaited first-person shooter Rage. Some love it, others hate it, with the lads from rawDLC definitely favouring the latter. With such potential the guys felt overwhelming waves of disappointment in this flawed release with a lazy plot, spotty hit registry and forgettable characters.

DIdn't you get the visual cues? I'm taking dump all over this game

The lads were in complete agreement on Rage’s issues on both PC and console with neither Josh, Nathan or Dave too impressed with the final product. To get the full review click on the embedded video below and feel free to dump your thoughts into the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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    It’s not necessarily about having a deep plot or memorable characters though. Rage seems to see strength in being to the point and letting the visuals make your imagination wander. Although it’s a very different type of game, reminds me of Jet Set Radio Future in that way- the fun shines through.