Screens: Syndicate says it’s okay in a four-way


Syndicate is looking the goods with a new take on shooters utilising ‘breaching’ that moves beyond line-of-sight. This should come as no surprise to those familiar with developer Starbreeze Studios’ pedigree: the killer crew that brought two Riddick titles to life and The Darkness. Starbreeze brings the same expert eye to four-player co-op as the below screens testify.

How about aiming a little higher, hombre? You’re making me nervous

She’s not the straightest shooter now, is she?

A sniper’s delight… A camper’s nightmare

I’ve got this guy on the stairs covered, you reckon you could focus on the other dudes directly in front of you?

Arrgghh! Shotgun blasts to the mid-section… My only weakness

One second away from dead place

Are you The Matrix?

Kneel before Zod

It’s a hologram.. SHOOT IT!


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  • Eidos Montreal

    Holy crap! Mirror’s edge and Deus Ex had a baby?

    That chick looks too much Federova.