Screens: Search for an executive decision in Syndicate


What does tub o’ lard Steven Seagal have to do with Syndicate? Not much except for this tenuous segue from his crappy flick Executive Decision to Syndicate’s first mission Executive Search. It’s flimsy at best, but it lets me get the self-proclaimed practitioner of martial arts on the site, doesn’t it? While your brain implodes from this logic leap, check these slick new screens out.

It’s a beautiful day for killing

Knock, knock (only works if you envision it in an Arnie accent)

Breaching security turret in 3… 2… 1… (bloodbath imminent)

‘Acquisition’ of technology complete

“I want you to curve the bullet”

Insert obligatory J.J. Abrams lens flare reference here

Because we love you guys so much, here are a few bonus screens just for the hell of it

We ain’t afraid of no ghost

Even his digital co-stars are shocked to see Brian Cox on the far right… that guy is in EVERYTHING!

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