Review: Serious Sam: BFE


For anyone who’s ever played a Serious Sam game, you should know what you’re getting with the latest iteration of the series, Serious Sam: BFE. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Serious Sam series has always made its name with quality old-school shooting with the frantic meter twisted right up to 11. Check out the rest of my thoughts, you’re going to have to make the jump.


I got to take Serious Sam: BFE for a burl recently and got pretty much what I expected.

“If you’re looking for revolution or even evolution beyond a new game engine, you’ve come to the wrong game. BFE remains faithful to its old-school gaming roots and so it should, because it can still offer a hell of a lot of fun. Basically every enemy will run headlong at you with zero intelligence in an effort to take you out or make you feel like the ultimate badass as you wax legions of alien baddies. Sometimes, they’ll even get stuck running at you because they can’t navigate an obstacle; such is their desire to get to you that they’ll keep sprinting on the spot until you kill them or run past them so they can turn around.”

Check out the rest of the words on the AusGamers website here.

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