Preview: Starhawk beta impressions


Anyone who knows me would be well aware that I’m a huge Warhawk fanatic. It consumed my days. I’d forgo eating, sleeping, my marriage and other such trivialities to lead my clan to victory after victory. When the servers became less populated and it slowly died out I was left with a gaping hole in my heart… that was until its spiritual successor Starhawk entered the fold.

It's a Starhawkian stand off

I’ve never playing anything quite like it, and after sinking over forty hours into the beta I really like what I’m seeing. It’s a mixture of vehicular combat, transforming mech with a heavy element of tower defense.

“What really has me excited is the evolution of the gameplay and the implications. I’ve seen craftier individuals team up and storm our home base in CTF, grab the flag and then dump a buggy spawn point to get away and then drop a devastating beam turret to dissuade pursuit. It was extremely effective. I know this because I was one of the would-be pursuers killed in their aftermath.”

Would you like to know more? Then click on through to my preview for GameArena here…

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