Preview: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


Earlier this week, we all got to go have a look at Big Huge Games’ upcoming RPG , Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Say what you will about the actual odd title, the rawDLC trio has had an interest in this game for a while now. I personally spent a lot of time focusing on the combat aspect of the game. After the jump, you can read my thoughts from a PC-specific perspective.

The phrase 'getting hammered' used to mean something else entirely...

After playing Skyrim, it’s hard to look at fantasy-fuelled RPGs without comparing them to Bethesda’s majestic title. Still, Reckoning has its own unique things to offer.

“The highly stylised cartoony graphics were visually engaging and demanded my attention from the outset. When you combine the visual aesthetic with the animations and character poses, it all starts to feel like pages ripped from a dynamic comic book. This was most apparent during combat, but when I swung the camera around 180-degrees on my character during the quieter moments, his default stance made him look as though he was ready to take on Superman. Todd McFarlane’s influence has well and truly made a very positive mark on Reckoning.”

To read the rest of my preview, you’ll have to make the trek over to the Atomic article located here-ishly.

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