Opinion: The X-hours disclaimer is unacceptable


We touched on it in our Battlefield 3 video review, but  I wanted to go into a little bit more depth on the topic of the increasing trend of games that seem to think it’s okay to have a few initial hours of terrible or average gameplay. Is this increasing trend acceptable? My point of view is definitely in the negative, but to read the finer details, you’ll have to make the jump.

Waiting around for the campaign to get better...

The most disturbing thing is that I think we’re going to see more of this before we see less of it.

“Particularly during the Christmas release period when there are so many gaming options available to us, it seems the right time to highlight how unacceptable it is to placate gamers with such disclaimers. At the end of the day, it’s also a hell of a risk to assume that a few bad hours of gameplay won’t have tainted a player so much that they will be able to enjoy the subjective promise of better gameplay.”

To read the rest of my rant, head over to my Atomic article here.

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