Event: The Darkness II co-op launch


A couple of weeks ago while Nachos was off overseas, Josh and I moseyed on down to a local pub in Sydney to get a hands-on session with The Darkness II. Being avid comic book guys and fans of the original made this a hot ticket event. The copious amounts of alcohol and extreme hotness of some of the eye candy made it even more so, though the lovely lasses were strictly of the hands-off variety…

Battling all these distractions we managed to get through a solid section of the four-player co-op (for our in depth thoughts check out the podcast here) and had a grand old time. But why bore you with words when each of these pictures tells a thousand of them?

Dave, ever the consummate professional, is hard at work while Josh boozes it up with the Mana Bar’s Yug

Josh checks out Arthur from OXCGN’s skills

Dave and Lewis from ZOO get chummy as Yug sexes up the background

Josh surrounded by hotness is ever so blase…

Dave… not so much

We’d like to thank 2K Games for the bang up event, especially PR manager Ross Purdy’s stellar introduction. We’re amped to get a gander at the single player campaign and will give you the skinny once we do.

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