Weekend Opinion: Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3


The time has come, and although some may accuse me of posting this for easy hits, it is the topic on a lot of gamers’ minds. Opinions for both of these games have not only been dramatically polarised, it also has had fanboys switching from one camp to the other. Now that BF3 and MW3 have had time in the sun and most of you would have picked a favourite. Which side are you on?

Be ready for hostilities...

To start off the war my pick is absolutely Battlefield 3. Yes, the single-player sucks more than an automatic sucking machine. However, the game more than makes up for it with an incredible multiplayer experience. Note the word ‘experience’. Modern Warfare 3, on the other hand, offers a solid arcade-style online game. Battlefield 3 gives you a warzone. Nothing Modern Warfare 3 has comes close to the experience of holding a choke point for a full hour or providing your own air support from a fully player-powered assault chopper.

Plus 64 players on PC. Just sayin’…

Disagree? Drop your comments below!

Here are the rules. No low blows, no personal attacks and, above all, keep it on topic, please. Other than that, the fight is on and everyone is allowed a say. Round one… FIGHT!

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  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t going to buy mw3, but after playing the campaign of bf3 for 3hrs and hating it i did, and i’m glad i did, if theres one thing “Infinity Hammer” know how to do it’s make a Michael Bay style game that doesn’t suck. The best CoD since number 4 in my opinion. The ending was perfection, although i disagree with killing off of characters of the MW series.

    Multiplayer – I tried to like bf3s multiplayer, i really did and i don’t know what happened between bfbc2 and this but damn, Rush is a god damn camp fest..the lobby set up is retarded, cant back out of a lobby without taking a “quit” in your stats lolwut? Squads don’t work, game chat doesn’t work, the voip is a joke, all this stuff used to work in bfbc2, whys it screwed up now Dice?

    Mw2s multiplayer…I dunno what it is about cod…it’s my twitch shooter drug and no matter how many times i scream at the tv and swear i was robbed of a kill by lag..i cant get enough, i just love the fast paced nature of it all, if i wanted a “simulation” war game to play online i would play ARMA, not bf3, but i don’t, i just wanna pwn noobs with my map knowledge and my silenced ACR or SPaS 12.

    In summary… MW3 > BF3

  • metal1

    Not to mention some of the bad map layouts on the console that just had you camped out by the enemy… and then there was the lag you get on one particular map (highway) because of the way it was designed.

  • Anonymous

    It pains me on so many levels to agree with Baggy, but I’ve switched over to MW3. I thought Black Ops and BFBC2 were campfests, but they’re nothing compared to BF3. I’ve been looking forward to BF3 all year and since launch I’ve played it for 2 hours and am struggling to find reasons to go back.

  • Anonymous

    Have to pretty much agree with you guys, bf3 was not all I had hoped it would be.

  • Anonymous

    Battlefield 3. 100 fucking per cent. Obviously, I’ve been playing BF3 on the system that it was designed for–the PC–but even outside of that, the CoD formula is old and they haven’t made a decent effort to try and stray from it. I can’t let that slide anymore.

  • The Chad

    I agree with Nachos, BF3 is awesome as hell on PC. Battlefield will always be above Call of Duty as long as you can blow shit up.

    I get my fast paced shooter fix from Quake Live, it’s free and a hell of a lot more fun.

  • Anonymous

    And the BF3 formula is BFBC2… with useless jets and less destruction and more camping…yay? So what if it looks prettier on PC, Gameplay > Graphics. If this is the best designed shooter for PC you guys can have it.

    Oh and the ps3 version is even worse than the 360, at least the controls are tight on 360, the ps3 controller input lag made me quit the game after the first mission, if i want clunky controls i’ll go play Killzone.

  • Sidawg2

    Modern Warfare 3 without a shadow of a doubt. 

    The single player is better. The co op is better. The multiplayer aspect is better. 

    Battlefield should have stuck with Bad Company’s humour and unique style, instead they’ve gone head on with COD, and COD has slaughtered them. 

    I’ll probably play BF3 a bit down the track when they’ve fixed the numerous issues, but meanwhile I continue to pour 3+ hours into MW3’s various modes every day.

  • Anonymous

    Jets aren’t useless, they take time to learn. Less destruction is a tad annoying, but it lets DICE better control the flow of the maps. More camping isn’t part of the Battlefield formula: that’s in any FPS. It’s not that it looks better on PC, it plays better on PC. More players + faster aiming with a mouse means that campers still have to have a skill a lot of the time to out-shoot me.

    I didn’t notice any clunky controls on the PS3.

  • Anonymous

    ok, I’m gonna jump on that one. What do you mean the multiplayer Aspect is better? Smaller maps, camping as a main tactic, no vehicles, and very little team work.

    Cod is Just Cod. Any game will be the same as the next only who gets more point will differ. Battlefield 3 is constantly changing. A tactic that works in one round will get you owned in the next. Use a tank for a few minutes and then everyone comes back with rocket launchers.

  • Blackwater

    None of the above? None of the above.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry Josh but come back with an opinion when you’ve played more than 2hrs39m of battlefield 3 and i’m gonna guess 0hrs of mw3 mmmkay?

  • Snake

    Would say BF3 for multi. But that’s being bias as I haven’t played MW3 yet though I am hearing good things about its SP and even the MP is getting good reviews for the new modes. The old modes are just the same thing.

  • Sidawg2

    Camping isn’t too bad in MW3…. you don’t win games camping anyway.

    The rocket launcher comment is interesting, if you keep using UAV’s/choppers in COD people start using Stingers to shoot them down, whats your point?

  • Josh

    Ok, sorry if I hit a nerve here. I am not a COD guy. That doesn’t mean that I don’t see what you why you guys play it.

    My comment was “COD is COD” and perhaps I should back off and say that I don’t get into it like you do. Yes I have played less COD than Battlefield 3. 

    I find that COD becomes about routes and knowing where to have good cover or vantage points. Sadly, I feel like this often become the tactic used by a lot of players that are not good at FPS.

    Battlefield doesn’t award the same as buildings and cover are never safe because someone can destroy the building or tank shell you through a window.

    Only a personal opinion. Sorry If worded it badly, Baggy I meant no offence.

  • Josh

    The point is more that vehicles are manned in battlefield so people can hold a location for ages in one round and then people clue onto it and return with weapons. then the area gets over run and then the dynamic changes. That place become heavy dominated by troops and then someone take a flag across the map and the victory become short lived, you don’t win via camping a location.

    Valid point about the stinger though. It has changed the dynamic of the choppers overpowered strength. COD has advanced too. I do know this.

  • Anonymous

    I have had the same issue with battlefield 3. To be honest the game was over hyped, its a great game and the engine is wonderful but for some reason I just can’t get attached to it. I prefer playing the previous battlefields.

  • Anonymous

    Nah i’m sorry that you thought i took offense, i didn’t but it does kinda get under my skin when people form these opinions yet have no history with the material they’re having an opinion about…if you get what i mean.

    two and half hours of multiplayer  imo isnt enough experience to say oh yea bf3 shits all over mw3.

    Oh and btw, dave is the only one that offends me

  • Anonymous

    It pleases me to do so… prick ;p

  • Frozencry

    Alright Josh, I’ll jump in on this one.

    I think that Modern Warfare 3, mechanically, is a better game overall than Battlefield 3.

    Yep. And this is coming from someone who has a competitive background and actively criticises the CoD franchise, and even upgraded his PC to extremely high end specs for BF3. And the primary reason for my favouring of MW3 is purely because its netcode infrastructure and general mechanics are polished and not a buggy and retarded mess.

    I actually referred to it in one of my last reviews for PALGN. BF3 uses client-side hit registration which practically ruins the enjoyment of the game due to so much random shit happening. Getting killed behind cover? Instantly dying for no reason? All client-side flaws, and it’s incredible that DICE even decided to do this considering dedicated server support and the known flaws behind an infrastructure such as that.

    Then there are just general bugs and strange performance issues that plague the game. Technically the game has incredible scope and vision, but it’s executed poorly and has very little polish when it comes down to it. It’s a rushed product with massive marketing pull and I’m pretty confident in saying it’s the most disappointing title I’ve played in a very, very long time. And hell you know I’m not saying all this because I ‘suck’ at the game :P

    I’m not giving MW3 much more credit though, as though it’s actually pretty fun (and surprisingly decently balanced with the perk systems as they’ve become more subtle additions rather than ridiculous shit), it’s still the same rehashed shit we played two years ago with MW2.

    So TL;DR, wait for Tribes: Ascend because that’ll be the only PC shooter around that’ll focus on what’s most important in a shooter, and that’s stability, fun and skill.