Weekend Opinion: Favourite co-op experience


It’s Friday and, of course, that means it’s time for the rawDLC weekend opinion piece. To celebrate the recent releases of Battlefield 3 and LotR: War in the North, which both offer cooperative modes, it seems only right that we should talk about or favourite co-op experiences. Nowadays, co-op is available both online and offline, but we’re not going to discriminate. Whats your favourite co-op experience?

Err... I'll hang back here for a while...

As far as co-op goes, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 has to be my pick. Not only does this slightly older game offer a solid single-player experience, solid team deathmatch and a decent story, it was designed with co-op in mind. I have honestly replayed the campaign on this game at least 20 times. And that’s not even taking into account the epic Terrorist Hunt mode that sets you and a group of four friends loose on a map with AI in randomised positions. There is nothing quite like bringing down indiscriminate American justice via a shotgun with a 12x scope…

For me, this game is the standard to which all other co-op games are compared.

Throw out your favourite experiences in the comments section below.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s not exactly a co-op game or mode, but what brought out the best teamwork and cooperative experiences was Bad Company 2.

  • Anonymous

    Gears of War 3 or GTFO

  • Anonymous

    One that brings back memories for me was the co-op in half life on PS2, Resident Evil 5 was fun as well, until I would stuff up a QTE (sorry baggy! lol). Gears 3 was made all the more better playing with two mates. I had a blast for the most part.

  • Sidawg2

    Remember that time you were flying a chopper and I headshotted you with a pistol from across the map Todd?

  • Sidawg2

    Dead Nation is good local co op, online not so much. Have yet to be blown away by an online coop experience. Local co op always works so much better. 

    As Todd said, the best co-operative experience was Bad Company 2 online, for sure.

  • The Chad

     I have fond memories of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Terrorist hunt in splitscreen with my little brother on the realistic difficulty (you got more points for doing so). Then the added ability to customise and upgrade your guy made it all the more engaging.

  • Anonymous

    Halo. Gotta say, hate for the title aside… If it wasn’t for that game I would have never go into console gaming.

  • Volosogryzka

    I don’t think the game was all that special but sitting down for 8 hours straight playing halo 3 co-op on extreme was great fun. Only issue was being caught in the worst respawn point ever, myself being in the path of a cannon blast almost hitting me and having to straff as soon as the game restarted and my friend in the thick of things completely surrounded. Great times.

  • thrillho


  • Anonymous

    Vid or GTFO.