Review: Saints Row: The Third


Insanity comes in many forms and the Saints Row franchise has always been my preferred method of losing my mind in a virtual world. For every title that tries to make the gamer emote and play the hero, Saints Row has always whispered sweet nothings in my ear like “Hey buddy, lets go and beat down a civilian or ten, steal a VTOL and blow some shit up, it’s more fun”. Words to live by.


It’s all about letting your hair down and having some good old fashioned outlandish fun.

“The formula for the franchise’s success is simple. Never show restraint. Forget subtle sexual overtones, how about a firefight in a bordello packed to the rim with phallic shaped decorations, fisting machines and gimp masked employees? No joke. Just try not to piss yourself in the heat of battle with that as your arena. The piece de resistance were the ceiling fans in each room with gigantic dildos for blades. Yep, it’s all just a little wigged out and crazytown over in Steelport.”

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Dave Kozicki

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