Review: Need for Speed The Run


Welcome to another huge disappointment for the franchise. After clawing its way back in Hot Pursuit, it drops to the bottom of the leaderboards with this latest offering Need For Speed The Run. I had such high hopes and remained cautiously optimistic, but had it all dashed in one fell swoop. This mega-scripted experience is frustrating and barely resembles racing at all.

If only it was 10% as cool as this screenshot... sigh

In the wake of Forza Motorsport 4 and Driver: San Francisco, Need For Speed The Run barely holds up with its dubious take on the racing genre.

“Certain sections are very heavily scripted, to the point you can pretty much predict what position you’ll be in the pack as you round each corner, which obstacles will be in your path and which burners are the ones to beat. These are not exhilarating or invigorating, just annoying and frustrating and really destroy the momentum and any immersion. Time and time again I’d call ‘bullshit’ after being the object of the highway patrol’s affection with other participants hitting the nitrous and speeding away to victory with the cops barely batting an eyelid. ”

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