Review: InFamous: Festival of Blood


You’ve got to give a developer props when it has a tried and tested formula and jettisons it all for a new look and play style (for the better). This stand-alone adventure for bros Cole and Zeke has a decidedly Halloween edge with a strong Nosferatu lean. It’s InFamous like you’ve never seen it before and while it may be a bit short, it’s more fun than staking a vamp in the nude.

Cole gets to the 'heart' of the matter

Cole has only a few precious hours before daybreak to un-vampify his bad self and defeat a horde of demonic sons of bitches.

“Amidst the revelers and partygoers letting off some neon-clad costumed steam, Cole crosses paths with a pale Gothic-looking chippy who takes him out for a bite. Literally. The vixen is Bloody Mary and besides having a strong allergic reaction to sunlight, crosses and wooden stakes, she’s bat-shit crazy and on a rampage, and Cole is her latest pet project. Running against the clock, Cole now has eight hours to stake this vampiric she-bitch before sunrise or join the ranks of the undead forever.”

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